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                ...które z nich to lepsze???

Odpowiedź jest krótka - ŻADEN Z NICH!!!

Myśle, że bardzo, a to BARDZO warto przeczytać fragment blogu, który ostatnio odnalazłem na Internecie.

Kapitalnie jest to napisane… dotyczy wiele spraw i wielu osób, a jakże nieustannie aktualne. 

Może też, przy tej okazji, tak osobiście dodam: bardzo konkretnie proszę zwrócić uwagę na to, kiedy ofiarami padają księża i ludzie Kościoła. Skutki czasami nigdy w życiu potem nie da się wycofać…

Jezu, który jesteś samą Prawdą, zmiłuj się nad nami!

- padre matteo

I was recently talking with my friend Hannah, and I mentioned our mutual acquaintance, Alex. Neither Hannah nor I have known Alex for very long, but I think highly of him. I like the affection he shows his wife. I like the tenderness he shows his kids. I like the casual kindness he shows towards people he doesn’t know very well.

So I was surprised when Hannah suddenly told me a story about a time when Alex was rude to her. I countered, mildly, with a story that put Alex in a good light; and Hannah replied with a second story that put Alex in a bad light. She was determined to show me that I shouldn’t like him nearly so much as I did.

It worked. Ever since then, without wanting to, I’ve looked at Alex differently. Hannah said he was self-absorbed, so now when I see him speak his mind without thinking about it — a trait that I appreciate, because to me, it means he is guileless — I wonder whether it’s not a vice instead of a virtue. Maybe he should think more and speak less. Suddenly his simplicity looks like arrogance. Suddenly, without wanting to, I like him less.

I’m not shocked when people are rude to each other, because I understand that nobody has perfect control over their tongue — but still, everybody knows that being rude is bad. But I was shocked and disturbed at what Hannah did to me and to Alex, even though I have doubtless done the same. I was shocked and disturbed because she had no idea that there was anything wrong with what she said. She didn’t understand the power that she had over my perceptions. 

* * * * * *

So, as a public service announcement to those who have never been taught about gossip, here is why I believe that it is evil.

When you say bad things about somebody, especially somebody that I don’t know very well, it makes it more likely that I will grow to hate them a little more. You are teaching me how to hate that person.

When you say good things about somebody, especially somebody that I don’t know very well, it makes it more likely that I will grow to love them. You are teaching me how to love that person better.

I am good at discovering the evil in other people. I don’t need your help. If it’s true that they’re bad, I’ll probably find out for myself.

I’m not nearly as good at discovering the good in other people. I need your help to do that. If it’s true that they’re good, I might never notice it unless you show me.

Please don’t gossip at me, and please call me out on it, if I do it at you.